ITPS provides innovative development and support services for integrated IT solutions.

Our mentality from the beginning of the operation of IT-PS, until today, remains the same:

The modernization of a business begins with the correct recognition of its needs.
This is the reason that makes our company stand out in the IT industry.
IT-PS was founded by experienced IT executives. Our goal is to provide the most suitable solutions, always in line with the latest technologies in the industry. This is why our rules remain strict, regarding the continuous training of our staff.


Our many years of experience have shaped our strong point. This is our ability to adapt our knowledge to the particularities of each business. Therefore, the final result is the most ideal for each case.


Our company cooperates with the leaders in the field worldwide. Thus, we have built for you a safe environment, which is constantly growing in a climate of trust, cooperation and respect.
We are by your side every day to take advantage of every technological development to meet your growing business needs.