IT-PS is a new and modern company which becomes active in the fields of design and support of computer integrated solutions to cover the businesses’ needs.
The staff of IT-PS, having years of experience in designing, implementing and supporting computer solutions, is continuously trained on new technologies so as to be able to completely apply and adapt them to the clients’ needs.


All personnel work every day craving for creativity and aiming at the direct and effective service of the customers and partners. Their main concern is friendship and respect towards the customers which, combined with their moral and principles, form a framework of cooperation which caters for their needs.


The company’s management is consisted of experienced people from the information technology field who have excellent relationship with the customers. Their ideas lead daily to the growth of the clientele and the installed base.


Our vision is to conquer the top of the markets we direct to, through constant development and growth of our business activities, maintaining at the same time the quality of our services and the trust our customers show us.